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Stephen Rodger

​In my twenties I had to choose between a career as a wildlife and adventure photographer and one in finance as an investor in the City. Having chosen the latter, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I am now pursuing the former. 

Based in Scotland and studying photography at university my current focus is the birdlife found in my immediate vicinity. 

My intention is to create pictures that within the Christian principle of stewardship make us look at the wild world in awe and wonder and to want to protect our shared habitat for our common good.


British Wildlife Photography Awards Book 10. 2019

Scottish Nature Photography Awards Yearbook 2019


I use a range of Canon DSLR's and lenses as well as Gitzo Systematic tripods.

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Scottish Nature Photography Awards
National Touring Exhibition
June  - December  2020



Scottish Nature Photography Awards
Winner Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2019

Scottish Nature Photography Awards 
Winner Environmental Category 2019


British Wildlife Photography Awards 

Shortlisted 2019

Nature Photographer of the Year

Shortlisted 2020

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